Friendly Fun Gaming!

ArmadilloCon 37 will feature two rooms of board, card and role playing games. As always, we will provide many games to play. Some take a few minutes. Others can take a few hours. New players are always welcomed. We will teach you how to play.

Gamemasters Wanted!

If you are a game or dungeon master, we can make space for you to run a scenario at the ArmadilloCon. Please contact ArmadilloCon 37 Gaming to start the conversation.

New and Featured - Artemis!

New to ArmadilloCon this year will be the live-action spaceship bridge combat simulator Artemis.

Artemis uses a small network of computers to provide stations for Communications, Helms, Engineering, Science and Weapons officers. On the main screen is the external viewfinder. The captain does not have a station. He or she sits in the command chair and is responsible for calling the shots. (Artemis may seem very familiar to fans of Star Trek.) Rev3Games reviewed Artemis in 2012.

Artemis sessions are scheduled. Visit to register your seat or stop by Room 104. Gaming will be available as 20 minute intro sessions, 20 minute short sessions, 50 minute veteran sessions, and 90+ minute ultimate battles.

The Artemis project is looking for computers to fill out our bridge. If you would like to loan your system, or if you would like to assist in the pre-con play tests and lighting project, please contact ArmadilloCon 37 Gaming.