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ArmadilloCon has always been known for its excellent art show featuring regional artists as well as great artists from around the United States. Scott Zrubek will once again be running the art show.

The fees for panel/table space and the commissions are at their traditional numbers. Panels are $15 for each 4x4 space, tables are $15 for a 6' table, and the commission on sales is 15%. We have a print shop this year, and the cost is $0.50/print with no additional commission.

There is no additional fee for mail-in artwork. The deadline for mail-in artwork to reach us is July 17, 2015.

Those artists who do get panel space this year, we'd really like you to use our on-line tool for entering your artwork information. It also lets you print out control sheets and bid sheets. Last year, we entered about 50% of the information ourselves. It helped us catch a number of math errors, but we'd prefer not to have to enter it all at the convention. When you sign up, you'll receive an email with the link to the website.

We look forward to seeing all of the fabulous artwork!

4' x 4' Panel * $15 per Panel

6' Table ** $15 per Table

3' Table $10 per Half Table

Print Shop*** $0.50 per Print

There will be 13 tables and 54 panels in the art show. (These numbers are subject to change based on availability.)

* Limit 3 per artist.
** Limit 2 per artist.
*** Limit 40 per artist.

NOTE: We are requesting that everyone sign-up online for ease of record keeping.
However, if you truly cannot use PayPal, we are happy to work with you.


Introductory letter (pdf)
Rules (pdf)
Entry form (pdf)
Shipping summary (pdf)
Bid Sheets (pdf)
Art Show Control Sheets (pdf)
Print Shop Control Sheets (pdf)


Guest of Honor: Rocky Kelley (website)

Kimm Antell
Nancy Cagle
Peri Charlifu (website)
Alan Clark
Sarah Clemens (website)
Scott Cooper
Daniel Cortopassi (website)
Charlene Taylor Dalessio (website)
Loren Damewood (website)
Sara Felix (website)
Sandra Hardy
Jennifer Husmo
Betsy Mott (website)
Michelle Parker (website)
Ruth Peterson
John Picacio (website)
April Robinson
Mark Roland (website)
Ralph Ryan
Maia Sanders
Katherine Sanger
John Sies
Victoria Shipman
Brandy Stark (website)
Maria J William (website)
Lubov Yegudin (website)